Survival Food

Rattan Palm

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Rattan Palm

Skinning the bark

Rattan Shoot

Cutting into small pieces

After boiling - rattan ready for consuming can find rattan everywhere in tropical countries......

Scientific name : Calamus spp
Local name : Rotan

Height : Up to few hundred meters.
Distinguish Features : Climbing palm with long slender trunk. Trunk with torns.
Found : Common in forest and jungle in Malaysia
Uses : Trunks used as rattan for furnitures.
Important : A source of income for the orang asli.

As Survival Food

The shoot can be used as survival food though it should be boiled and drained off the bitter taste.

First, the shoot is cut. It is then skin to get rid of torns and the bark. The young whitish shoot is then cut into small pieces. They are then boiled. The boiled water has to be drained. The remains can be cooked as vegetable or used as ulum (salad).


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