Survival Food

Nipah Palm

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...a tsunami survival found an unrooted nipah palm with fruits in the sea....he survived for weeks on it....

Scientific name : Nypa fruticans
Local name : Atap, nipah

Height : Up to 5 meter.
Distinguish Features : Leaves resemble coconut palm. Nipah palms lack trunks which distinguish them from the swaying coconut palms.
Found : Commonly grow wild along muddy coasts and rivers in tropical countries.
Uses : In villages, leaves used as roof and wrapping tobacco. Inflorescence being cut to tap sweet sap and to make fermented drink or cook into palm sugar.
Important : Since the disasterous tsunami, nipah palms have been appreciated. They play the role of protector of lives by softening the impact of tsunami and preventing erosion.

As Survival Food

There are two important parts of nipah palm which can be used as survival food.

First, the young shoot found in the middle can be eaten. Find the young shoot and cut into the middle of the trunk. The soft yellowish stem is eatable.

Second, the fruits can be eaten. When ripe they will float. Like coconut palm, you only eat the sweet seed. Unripe fruit has soft white translucent seed while ripen fruit has hard seed. Immature young fruit contains fresh water needed for survival.

There are no known side effect.


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