Survival Food

Ginger Shoot

(c) Forest Ang

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...To delay hunger, ginger shoots can be eaten.....

Scientific name : Zingiber spp
Common name : Ginger plant

Height : Some species up to 1.5 meter.
Distinguish Features : Typical ginger plant with broad leaves.
Found : Grow wild in forest and jungle.
Commercial: For cooking.

There are many variety of ginger plants.
Most gingers have medicinal values.
They can be used for cooking, herbal concoctions and daily use.

This particular ginger plant has reddish stem.
To use it, cut from the base of the stem.
Slice out the outer layers to expose the inner white of the stem.
It can be eaten moderately to delay hunger.

Do not eat excessively.


Always Take Good Care of yourself!
Forest Ang