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Eatable Fern

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Green Fern

Pink Fern

Broader Fern

...Deep in the jungle, you can find these eatable ferns.....

Scientific name : ?
Local name : Pucuk Paku

There are many species of eatable ferns. The photos above showed 3 types which are quite common and can be found in the jungle.

The young shoots which are soft make delicous fried vegetable. Rich in iron and minerals, this free vegetable is for every outdoor enthusiast.

Just like Asystasia, you can use for cooking instant noodle and making soup. The other recipe is fried vegetable.

For fried vegetable, pluck the required young shoots. Cut into small pieces. Chop a few clove of garlic. Heat the pot/pan/wok. Pour oil. Fried the garlic until light brown. Throw the fern into the pot. Shake some light soya sauce into the fern. Add some water if your fern is dry. Cover the pot. Let is cook for 3 minutes. Switch off the stove. Open it after ten minutes. Stir the vegetable and it is ready to serve. Wahlau! you now have fried vegetarian fern. Rich in iron and minerals to replenish your worn out muscles. Enjoy!

Always Take Good Care of yourself!
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