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Common Asystasia

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...common asystasia as vegetable...

Scientific name : Asystasia intrusa and Asystasia coromandeliana
Common name : Asystasia

Height : Up to 2 feet.
Distinguish Features : Leaves whitish with hint of purple.
Found : Very common on wasteland and open space along jungle fringes.
Uses : Leaves cook as vegetable.

There are two species of asystasia - Common Asystasia (Asystasia intrusa) and Asystasia (Asystasia coromandeliana). Both can be eaten. Use the shoot and the leaves for cooking.

Found along jungle edges and wasteland, asystasia is a good source of vegetable during camping trip. It can be used for cooking instant noodle or even used in soup.

For instant noodle, add a handful of the leaves into the boiling noodle. Boil for a minute and it is ready to serve.

For making soup, use dried shrimp or ikan bilis. Bring to boil. Add salt and favour as needed. Put the leaves into the boiling soup before closing the pot.

Warning: Usually asystasia are found in orchard or roadside. Weedkillers can be used on them. Please becareful to choose those not polluted by weedkillers.

There are no known side effect.


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